When I envisioned snowshoeing 8 years ago it looked a lot different then it does today for me.   I pictured people snowshoeing across a lake or field with these big awkward things on their feet and it didn’t look comfortable or natural.  Then I met Tracy Garneau.  She invited me on an adventure that would change my life.  A “simple” not so simple 27ish km snowshoe up to the meadow below Pyramid Mountain just outside of Jasper.  It was the toughest and coldest thing I had ever done.  That day I learned about the screaming barfies!!  There are many adventures I only remember select details about…..but that day it is still all as if it was yesterday!!

Snowshoeing can be whatever level of difficult you want it to be but the one constant I find is the fact that it is a slower moving sport at any difficulty that brings my brain to a pace that I  can appreciate all that is around me.  As a trail runner I get focused on the destination, moving faster, and not as much everything in between.  Living a busy go-go life I crave that slow down in the brain in yet I still want to push my body.

Getting out and doing more snowshoe adventures has also made me appreciate places I see in the summer in a different way.  It’s magical what snow can do to the land, trees, and the water. And when you get the opportunity to make first tracks “ There is just something beautiful about walking in snow that nobody else has walked on.  It makes you believe you’re special” One of my favorite things is punching powder where no one else has been.

Snowshoeing has become such an important part of what my mind, body and soul needs that I get butterflies in my stomach when I see the snow fall. I know that whenever I put on my snowshoes I will work hard but my mind will free and embrace where and who I am with like nothing else I do.